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About Georgia Hack

A Clinical Hypnotherapist & Accredited Elite Level 5 Life Coach

Throughout my life i always asked the question why? Why did people behave the way they do? Why did they make certain life choices that negatively affected their life? Why was it that the most logical choice people could make, seemed to be virtually impossible?


This curiosity came from growing up as a only child in a home with a mother who suffered with severe mental health issues and a father that disappeared at the age of 12. The choices I witnessed my parents and family members make fueled me with a drive and passion like no other, to ensure I would never make the same irresponsible decisions as they did.

But as much as I progressed in my career in various customer service roles and tried to overcome some emotional barriers with traditional counselling and talking therapies, I still found myself carrying the same generational trauma as my mother and repeating the same unhealthy patterns of behavior. This left me in a place of confusion. After experiencing what you could call "A dark night of the soul" in 2019 I turned to spirituality to guide me on the next stage of my life, it was then I found hypnotherapy.


And so, it wasn't until I done the work on my inner world through coaching and hypnotherapy was where i saw myself transform completely. This lead me to be in complete awe of how powerful the mind is. It was then where I realized that peoples problems were so easily fixable, if they were willing to take accountability and delve into their own programming. 


It is now clear to me that my life purpose is to help guide others to be free from the chains that hold them down in their minds that prevent them from being their most fulfilled authentic self and of course living a life that they desire.

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